About Us

Welcome to NewsLatte, the only website that is curated with news and resourced collected and created from various sources, especially for youths.

At NewsLatte, our main goal is to provide the young generation of india with the news that they really need to know. NewsLatte targets audience with age group of 18-40 years. This website is a step towards #StopFakeNews Initiative that started with just a Whatsapp Group of 6 people and evolved to the maximum limit and then to a website now.

Internet is vast, full of resources useful and non useful as well. This website serves as medium to be a genuine source of latest information collected from all over the web.

How It all started?

My name is Shubham Mishra, and I’m the developer of NewsLatte. You can reach me at shubham.mishra49@gmail.com

The NewsLatte story begins back in 2016, when I and some of my friend hads a debate upon a news on the Internet. There were two conflicting Arguments on same topic. Eventually Debate settled. But a thought popped upon our minds about the non-availablity of a genuine source for news that matters. Ofcourse there were websites that showed news daily 24×7 but not all of them were trusted either they were politically biased or paid media or were heavily flooded with news that were not reallly important.

We then decided to work with this thought and turned it into an idea and started a whatsapp group with few people that begin sharing useful news to each other that eventually grew to 256 members with time. Some of us were constant contributor to it and It proved very helpful for all.

In the start of 2018, we were earning a little from our jobs and decided to turn this small idea of whatsapp into a website and reach more audience so as to help more people as we can.

There were obviously a set of challenges: Name of website, hosting, website development, sources of content, contributors, expenses, income, etc. But one after the other everything got sorted out and NewsLatte is up and running.

We at NewsLatte truely intend to provide useful news to the youths and young generation of India.

Name-Shubham Mishra